The North American Radio Studies Discussion List is intended to be a place where scholars, practitioners, and others interested in radio history, research, policy, and production can ask questions, exchange views, and share information. It is meant as a companion to the Radio Studies discussion list based in the UK, for research and topics that might interest American participants more than the primarily European discussants on the UK list (see the link to the UK Radio Studies Network for more information on that list).

Although Naradio's current focus is on North America -- and its primary language English -- we welcome participants from around the world, especially South and Central America.

Right now, to join, simply email Michele Hilmes at, list administrator, and she will add your name to the list. You will then be able to send messages to the group.

All replies go back to the list; if you want to sent a reply to an individual you will have to manually insert the individual's address, which can be found in the "FROM" line of the opened email message.

We hope soon to add the capacity for people to subscribe directly to the list via email, but this function is not yet operable.

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