Location: University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK,
Dates: July 16-19, 2007

This conference – the fourth Transnational Forum – aims to continue the work of Sussex 2001, Madison, Wisconsin 2003 and Melbourne 2005 to bring together scholars, practitioners, and students of radio to share ideas and perspectives on radio’s cultural role in an increasingly global media context. We also hope to build on developments in European radio research stimulated by the International Radio Research Network (IREN). We welcome proposals and abstracts for papers, panels, and symposia on all aspects of radio – historical, cultural, critical, and institutional – including but not limited to the range of topics below:

  • Ten years of the Radio Studies Network
  • tools for radio research networking
  • establishing international standards for practice-based research
  • maximizing potential for trans-national research collaborations
  • developing radio theory
  • radio studies in regions of the world
  • Linking Worlds: local, national and the global
  • trends in community radio practices
  • the future of local radio
  • national radio in a global age
  • radio and civic society
  • comparative studies
  • linking community stations
  • Radio, culture and education
  • university and college radio practices
  • teaching radio: pedagogies & praxis
  • experimental radio and "sound art"
  • radio education and entertainment
  • radio archives
  • radio and development
  • radio and conflict resolution
  • associative and participatory radio
  • 'radio language'
  • radio and language communities
  • Casting nets: new distribution technologies
  • Technology or content?
  • on-demand content, advertorial, interactive radio
  • public broadcasting online
  • radio and podcasting
  • narrowcasting
  • music radio and automation
  • Radio, political economy and policy
  • consolidation of ownership
  • transnational regulation and radio
  • radio professionalism
  • networks, groups and brands
  • new forms of radio commodification

You may submit proposals for individual papers (maximum 250 words), pre-constituted panels, or symposia. Papers should be in English, please, and submitted to Information about keynote speakers, accommodation, travel, helpful links, and the conference schedule will be posted when available.

Submission deadlines
Abstracts deadline Wednesday 31 January 2007 for a Friday 30 March 2007 decision.

The conference is jointly sponsored by the University of Lincoln and the UK Radio Studies Network.

The proposals will be peer reviewed by a conference planning committee consisting of:

  • Debbie Wilson (University of Lincoln)
  • Eryl Price-Davies (Thames Valley University)
  • Gail Phillips (Murdoch University)
  • Carol Fleming (Nottingham Trent University)
  • John Tebbutt (La Trobe University)
  • Salvatore Scifo (University of Westminster)
  • Winston Mano (University of Westminster)
  • Michele Hilmes (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Janey Gordon (University of Bedfordshire)
  • Kate Coyer (Goldsmiths College, University of Lincoln)
  • Rosemary Day (University of Limerick)
  • Stanislaw Jedrzejewski (Catholic University of Lublin)
  • Angeliki Gazi, (University of Athens)
  • Enrico Menduni (University of Rome 3)
  • Jean-Jacques Cheval (University of Bordeaux)
  • Manuel Chaparro Escudero (EMA-RTV)
  • Jaspal Singh (Asian Media and Information Centre, Singapore)
  • Stephen Lax (University of Leeds)
  • Peter Lewis (London School of Economics)

Joint chair: Bryan Rudd (University of Lincoln) and Tim Wall (University of Central England)

Contact: Bryan Rudd ( for more information.


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