What is the North American Radio Studies Network?  This is a way for people interested in the study and practice of radio, focusing on this side of the Atlantic, to come together to share ideas, solve problems, exchange research, organize conferences, and build up the area of radio and radio/audio studies.  The NARSN grew out of a conference held in the summer of 2004 in Madison, WI sponsored by the University of Wisconsin and the Radio Studies Network of Great Britain.  Right now we are not a paid membership organization, but simply a destination on the web for radio research, publications, conferences, and useful links. 

Who are we?  We are scholars and practitioners in the field of radio studies, based mostly in the United States and Canada but anxious to add members in other parts of North America, especially Mexico and the Caribbean.  Some of us are members of the Radio Studies Network of Great Britain, which focuses mainly on British and European radio, but has many North American members as well.  It operates a discussion list and publishes The Radio Journal:  International Studies in Radio and Audio Media.  See http://www.radiostudiesnetwork.org.uk/  for details.

How can you become a member?  We welcome all to the website, and encourage you to join the discussion list.  Please also help us to make this site more useful by alerting us to other relevant sites, and by keeping us informed of significant and interesting publications, events, conferences, and opportunities for research and exchange.  Contact Michele Hilmes, mhilmes@wisc.edu, to find out more or to contribute information.

Discussion list:  Sign up today for the North American Radio Studies discussion list.  This is an opportunity to exchange news, views, and useful information with fellow scholars, students, and practitioners. Click on the link to the left to find out more about joining.

Upcoming Events: The Radio Conference 2007:  A Transnational Forum, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK.  July 16-19, 2007.

This is the fourth in a series of transnational radio conferences, following the ones in Sussex, UK (2001), Madison, WI (2003), and Melbourne, Australia (2005). It brings together scholars, practitioners, and students of radio to share ideas and perspectives on radio’s cultural role in an increasingly global media context.

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